Below you will find the core crew profiles for Canted Angle Productions. At times our Executive Producer will also contract with a wide network of talented filmmakers based in locations around Northern California, LA, Washington, the USA, Australia, NZ and the rest of the world.

Colin West

Executive Producer & Co-Director

Beginning his film career in the country of New Zealand, Colin has filmed an adventure series around 39 different regions in three different countries.  His work has landed him relationships with companies such as ABC International, Sony Pictures, HULU TV, Warner Brothers, Amazon and many other networks and publications that Canted Angle Productions releases content to today. Colin also owns another film production company, WINERAM Productions.

Rupert Critchley

Director of Photography

This is the man that had the background of film and pulled the founder of Canted Angle Productions into the world of cameras.  Based in Munich, Germany, Rupert has been creating various productions with Colin West since 2011.  Working together, the two create the DP and Director package that CAP is all about.  Rupert has an educational background in film from the UK, and has been DP for various projects, including a National Geographic Documentary Series.

Chase Becsey

Production Assistant

A recent film graduate, Chase joined the team at Canted Angle Productions when he was interested in leaving his jobs at MTV and The Daily Show on the east coast.  He started as a production assistant, and still pursues this main role in the company - yet he's excelling and rising in the ranks quickly.  His knowledge and skill set far exceeds simply being the team production assistant as he fills in when needed as a time lapse camera operator, B Camera, editor and much more.